Musings of a soul

Morning dew

I was reading my son a bedtime story, and one of the paragraphs talked about the morning dew. My mind wondered on this subject as I continued to read out loud, completely detached from the rest of the story.

Morning dew. It’s born every day because of the conditions in the environment. It is created out of the thin air. Scientifically, it is not so, and we understand why this event occurs. However, spiritually, this is a rather magik concept, isn’t it? It is a true combination of all 5 creative energies: water, air, earth, fire and Spirit. Without just one this would be impossible- if the temperature didn’t variate at night drastically, morning dew would not be there; if sun didn’t come up shining brightly and heating up the air, the morning dew wouldn’t be there. This is alchemy at it’s best. The combination of 4 environmental energies, aided by the Spirit, results in creation.  Witnessing a birth of water- the only unconscious living “being” on the planet- is a very special moment. Water runs, it moves, it plays – bathing in its environment. It LIVES by moving and celebrating its beauty. If water doesn’t move, it stagnates, it dies- think of stinky lakes and swamps. Death rules in that environment. Water takes shape in 3 stages: gas, vapor and solid. Water influenced by a frequency (cymatics) makes it take shapes that are not natural and make it move in certain ways. Water behaves in different ways. There are the slow moving rivers. This water is appreciative of its surroundings and it appears to ponder it’s habitat. There are other streams, that are wild, bursting with energy, wildly dashing through its surroundings. Water dies- streams dwindle down, slowly stopping its flow, and the water ceases to exist. Or it stagnates and breads bacteria. Water is born in new places through movement: it explores its new environment as it hugs every nook and cranny, every rock, every root in its path. Water makes things come alive- it is capable of moving anything in its path, it is unstoppable.

I digress. The morning dew is literally water appearing out of nowhere. This water is life itself being born. This is an absolutely magikal time in our environment. What a cycle in creation to witness! What a beautiful moment that is no longer appreciated by most humans on Earth, because we forgot what it means to LOVE our planet. There is a very good documentary about Dr. Emoto and his work “The water experiment”. His findings prove that the energy a person emits with intention, such as wishing someone well, or wishing someone ill,  has an influence on the water’s molecular structure. For example, a beautiful geometrical shape takes place if the intention is of loving and caring frequency. But distorted, dying and shapeless forms were the result of negative and hurtful frequency. To take this a step further: if we take the freshly born water (aka morning dew) and charge it with positive intention and loving and kind energy, this would create a very special “potion”. Pure born water mixed with pure intention, consumed with intention would no doubt have an impact on the person consuming this drink. However, it is worth mentioning that intention is the absolute key for this to work. The phrase “those who don’t believe won’t be affected” really resonates here. If you think this won’t work- you are not charging the water with the intention, thus of course it won’t work. However, if you take the time to feel into this understanding, you can open up the correct intention. If you understand why this event is important spiritually, you will understand what kind of an impact your soul can make when setting the proper intention.  That water would literally be LIFE that you are drinking. I’m sure I have to make the legal disclaimer here- I’m not a doctor, seek counsel of your doctor should you have a condition that requires medical attention. This is not meant to replace medical procedures. What else did I forget? Use common sense. But I know that those who understand the world on my level, will see what I’m talking about when I speak of live water and intention.

Examples of what you can intend the water to be:

-a health potion that corrects the PH level in your body.

-a cure for whatever disease, disorder, health issue.

-a charge of loving energy.

-a charge of positivity.

-a cup of self-love and self-care.

-a cup of a patience.

Visualization as you intentionally drink the dew could create another level of reality for you to experience. Setting the intention is a skill, there is a great difference between a wish, imagination, thought and true intention. When we want to move our arm- we don’t wish for it to happen, we don’t will it to happen, we don’t need to imagine it- we just do it. That’s intention. There is a world of understandings there about this (Transurfing reality is one; “The Secret” is another). This is just a side note to consider.


In Russian Pagan culture there is a special holiday, called Ivan Kupala. Kupala, which sounds like someone’s last name, but actually is formed from the word “kupat'”, which means  “to bathe”. Translated loosely, it would be something along the lines of Ivan the Bathing. This special day happens from the night of July 6th to the 7th. Traditionally, on this night women and men would go out bathing in the fields of tall grass covered in the evening and morning dew. They would go out naked to walk, dance, and run allowing the morning dew to absorb into the skin. Near the Summer Solstice, June 22nd, this was believed to have been the night where the most powerfully charged dew is created, thus energies of creation are in bloom. The plants are believed to be at their prime energetic peak.

Now, to take this a step further: morning dew forms on different plants. Freshly formed, it comes in contact with a plant, that carries its own qualities. For thousands of years people have understood that plants posses different qualities, such as calming, relaxing, energetic. Their properties have a direct influence on medical conditions such as low blood pressure, migranes, stomach aches etc.  When the plant is in a full energetic peak, covered in freshly created morning dew it creates a one of a kind essence: a mixture of the plant and the water, and the surrounding energy. The synergy of water and the special quality of the plant, becomes a very special potion. Even if the plant is not at its full prime peak, it still has an influence on the dew that formed on it.

I grew up with my grandmother telling me to always walk barefoot in the morning dew. She taught me that this brought health, longevity and satisfaction to a person’s life. I feel like I understood that at the time, as a child, on an extremely deep and connected level. And then.. the blind unconscious of modern society, shielded me from practicing that understanding, eventually making it easy for me to forget all about it. Modern society is structured to keep us always busy with something, always distracted from our connection with earth, with creation, with life and with ourselves. How often are you able to take the time to just be? Be in this moment, enjoying it just as it is right here and right now? Between beeping phones, flashing lights, constant noises- we are distracted. We forget to observe our environment, and we sub-come to it, often getting swallowed by its current. We dive into daily grind, daily struggles, and we forget to come back up for air.

Taking moments to pause and enjoy life, to connect with a beautiful moment of a sunrise, or a sunset, to connect with the howling wind, or with the crashing waves of the ocean, or with the roar of a waterfall, or with the slow and steady movement of a wide river. To be one with the chirping of the birds, or with the “ribbit-ribbit” of a spring frog. These moments give you the perspective that you need to gain in life to make it more meaningful. Taking the time to connect, to heal energetically will have tremendous effects on the health of an individual.

I look forward to muse further on this understanding, and explore it deeper. The level of understanding of it in my head is huge, but I struggle to find the words to re-tell it and paint the picture that I see in my head.

Love and light,