Setting intentions daily

I seriously struggle with daily intention setting. My shadow self is a freaking beast! Even though I KNOW how my shadow creeps back in and how it makes me trip, I still don’t see it coming. I self sabotage so hard and good, that it blows my mind every time, and every time I struggle to get out of it. I’ve written to myself before to help me identify how my shadow creeps back in, how it sets up place and how it begins to feel and act when it’s in charge, I also have notes on how I can take control again.. but damn, every month it gets me. I’m on day 3, I’m pretty sure, trying to not let my shadow win- and it’s already won, so I’m just feeding it’s negative energy with my futile attempts to be the one in charge of how I feel and what I do.

My triggers are “self pity”- I desire more time for myself, I want to be lazy, I want to watch my TV shows, I want to read my books, work with my cards, study my esoteric materials. But I have some serious family responsiblities, and those have got to come first. No matter what. I have a husband to care for, a child to raise, 2 dogs and a cat, a house to keep and a business to run. I also do have myself to attend to. I confuse how to best care for myself- do I just need a hot bath at 11pm at night after everyone has gone to bed, or do I need to get some sleep so I can get up early and get a head start on my day. The latter is always the right answer! Indulging myself those late night activities, no matter how tempting, is the beginning of self sabotage. Once I don’t get enough sleep, the moodiness comes on, it’s easier to justify my self pity and thus give in fully to my shadow and play the victim of my own circumstances. I do not understand how I continue to fall for it. I suppose, I do, because a hot bath does sound very nice. I get confused when I begin thinking “well I do have to take a bath once in a while! I deserve to relax!”- the proper thought ought to be “of course you deserve to relax, but it should never be at the detriment of your sleep”. I need a routine, I would thrive on my own routine, but I fail at setting one up and following it. I get to “rigid” with it, down to 15 minute increments. It’s either not enough structure, or too much structure.. where is the “in between”? How do I achieve the in between. I suppose setting up some core values in my schedule would greatly help me.

What are some important things to structure my day? Wake up time, my son’s wake up time, dinner time, and bed time. Those should be form a good skeleton for a routine. So if I set my wake up time for 4:30am- half hour for dog potty time/and my shower and to get dressed. I should be ready to have some me time for about an hour, from 5am until 6am. In this time I could make a cup of hot tea, sit down with my studies or my book, do my daily cards. Honestly, most days I could probably get away with having an hour and a half in the morning to myself, from 5am until 6:30am, or even 7 at times. My child wakes up somewhere between 6:30 and 7:15am. I suppose I could get him an alarm clock, so he had a distinct wake up time (here come the obstacles in my head- it won’t work, he’ll be too tired, and grumpy, what if he wakes up early, you have to teach him to stay in his room till alarm goes off- thanks brain, I appreciate you building a brick wall of why I’m going to fail). Then from 7am until 8:30am- child morning routine, breakfast cooking/eating and clean up, and off to child care provider. After that I have my day. Here is where intention setting comes in- what am I going to accomplish today? Do I need to have a household day where I clean, do laundry, do fridge inventory, grocery shop? Or do I take a work day, where I answer our business phone, do our books, payroll, bill pays? Or do I take a personal day, where I spend the day attending to my own needs- maybe a nap, or some study time, that hot bath and a book. 4pm- child pick up. Here we have some play time with the kiddo, quality mom/son time every day, then dinner prep and cook, eat and clean. And bedtime routine begins for kiddo.

Laid out like that this doesn’t seem impossible at all. Perhaps I’ve ought to really give this a try and set up my week this way.. I know I will thrive.. damn self sabotage. But you won’t win. I know that.


Feeling the call


I’m not sure how many people are as aware of what’s happening on the larger scale of things as I am, but I feel compelled to share what I see and feel and understand.


We are at the early early stages of the Great shift in consciousness. This has been ramping up for about 200 years, going through it’s ups and down, peaking and dying back down. Our generation’s time has come to rise to the occasion and take this bobbing wave to the next level. We need to crest this wave, as my friend Shana says. We need to help it and see it through. The energy that has arrived to Earth needs physical assistance, it needs a physical embodiment, a physical manifestation. The only way to make that happen, is for us, physical beings with an awareness of this energy, to shape it and assist it in reaching its goal.

What in the world am I talking about?

I hope folks with an intuitive gift already know and understand.. I’m certain most of us have felt it subtly or strongly- all depends on the individual and how in tune you are.        I, for one, feel it’s pressing energy, overwhelming, undoubting, ever present and eternal. It surrounds us, it’s shifting us into best possible locations and teams, uniting us and helping us help it achieve its goal. Energy of change. Energy of the new evolutionary process of the human society. Our souls are waking up, our alarm clock is sending distant signals letting us know we can turn things around and make the change, but we have got to wake up and work as a team. Intuitive people feel this. Intuition is on the rise- the energy is so strong that it’s waking up a lot of people, but they aren’t quite sure what to do with it.

If you are one of these people: your task is your shadow work! Why? Because as long as you harbor shadows in your soul, the light can’t reach you fully, thus you can’t be as effective. You need to use this energy to make transformations in your own life, and as that change is made you are able to assist the global collective. Shadow work means working through your own limitations, doing an assessment of what in your life serves you and what doesn’t, what are you not looking at, what needs attention, what have you been carrying around for no good reason, what can you shed, and what can you accept. Its not easy task, but the capability exists in all of us. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here during this time on earth. You have selected this time to come here so you can see this change through. Its not a coincidence that you are waking up to your own abilities, that you are starting to ask larger questions like “who am I? what am I here for? whats my greatest joy? why are people so awful to each other? what can I do?” or even simpler questions like “do I believe in God? do I believe in a creator? OR how did we end up here?” may be even questions like aliens, ancient cultures, witches, pagans, druids, Egypt- anything that has a mystery is calling you.. take a deep look at why you are asking these questions. Find things that inspire your thirst for knowledge and let them lead, leave the stigma’s behind and introduce this change into your life.

This is a very exciting time and you have a lot to contribute! Don’t doubt that one bit, because deep down you are not just a human, you are an eternal soul that has a mission this lifetime around and your work is different than everyone around you, but it is equally important. None of us have the exact same gifts, many have similarities, but each has an individual specialty. You have an important role to play in the global perspective of this shift. I promise.

I have much more to say on this subject and look forward to providing my view on things as we progress through this incredible month of August.

PS: there is SO much happening in August! Wow! We are in for a real treat here.. get your seat belt on!

Love and light,


Chistmas spirit and how to be Santa

Our world lacks kindness at this time in our great spiral of life. We dance the eternal dance, the constant change and shift of galactic forces, that have an effect on our existence. The great constellations are shifting,we have began our process of change. Welcome this time with kindness for each other, love and support for your neighbohrs. Be kind to someone for no reason,but just because they are another human being. Do something special, maybe not a material thing, but even a kind, loving message for a stranger. Leave a note on someone’s car that “this is your year, believe in yourself!”. “You can do it” or something else kind an inspiring. If you found random cheerful note or your version of a fortune cookie fortune, what does it say that it cheers you up? I was recently on the receving end of a random act of kindness, and it was so wonderful.

Get a $5-10 gift card, and make someone’s day and leave it in a public place,like a coffee shop or grocery store. Think how good you just made someone feel. Maybe it’s a cup of coffee card or a store like bath and body Works or a local sandwhichshop… add a note, merry Christmas you! Yes,you! Share the gift of kindness and do something sweet and thoughtful for a complete stranger. Spread laughter and cheer. We really need to be our own Santa’s this year.

Be kind.

Be thoughtful.

Give an extra smile.

Say thanks an extra time.

Don’t be a stingy scrooge. You don’t have to have money to be scrooge.

The spirit of being more loving, more kind, more thoughtful is upon us. We need to go through this great transition with love and compassion in our hearts.

So do something small, be a positive influence on just one random person  this year.

I’m going to. I will be my local santa, I can’t wait to make some random kind cards!


What would our world be like? If each one of actually cared for others? We say we do, we sympathize, we get sad, we quietly wish the other person well, sometimes we just look the other way, some of us somehow are able to laugh at misfortune of others.

What would it be like, if one day, you were walking down the street, saw a homeless person asking for money, and stopped. Because this is a person. Because he has a story. Because one day, long time ago, they were an innocent child. Someone along the way failed this child by not teaching them what it means to be a good person, didnt teach him how to care. This child was born knowing all of this, but diacouraged along the way of such behavior by sheer example of excat opposite.

What would it be like just to sit down next to the homeless person and ask “Hey bud, what happened in your life that led you right here? What was that turning point? What can I do to help you? I am a human being who sees another human suffering. I can not let it be okay that I just ignore that. I want to see you do well.” Yet, here I am, a hippocrate of a human being… or… wait, am I? I guess i am not. I dont sit next to homeless people, i dont help the more needy, those who lack it all. I help those who lost only something special, or feel they are getting lost, or recently got lost and dont know it. Hmmmm sorry, i digress here, but i geniunly thought i was not a good human being, and then it dawned on me that its okay to not be able help the most needy, I can still be a good person.

Unexpected side turn and discovery of my own realization. But, our world would be bright with happiness for each other, we would literally transform our way of existence. A tarot sequence jumps to my mind…tower and star. Here we are, at a dark time in history of humanity. Granted we dont think that we are. I think in our life time, its easy to be not caring because so much work is done through impersonal phone, email, text…not personal intereaction. A huge change, a shift, in thinking, being, existing, enjoying life is upon us. Right now? Boy, do I feel it, so immensly, so pressing, just just just about to burst. A beautiful beginning is near. But what happens right before a beautiful beginning? An end. Tower card. It can either be a dramatic shift, with a lot of unrest because it happened prematurely, not enough people were ready. Or can be a swift, smooth transition because you just understand this is the new way of how things will be. So you become the change. Right now. Allow your light to shine so bright that it catches in others. It is your duty. Lightworkers? This is a beautiful term. You light the way. You embody that change. You become so filled with love and light for life and existence and all others that exists. That others cant just help, but smile, that will be a smile with the new light, radiant, capable of shining bright enough to ignite the fire in others…and just keep it going. We are at the final push. This must happen right now, shine, shine, shine baby! Find reasons to laugh, to smile, to ne greatful, yo be appreciative, no matter the bad. Feel the glow of life sparkling deep down as you allow yourself to truly enjoy that emotion. Nothing is quite as powerful.

Lightworkers, this is coming out as a message, now is your time to be the change that you want to see. Whether one sees this or many. You alone, you make a difference. That means tomorrow morning, you start being nicer. You make the resolve to not be pissed if someone cuts you off in traffic, or tailgates a little too close. You understand that they are just another human being, who is so lost and confused in this rat race of a life, that they cant think of anyone but themselves. And instead of just judging it, or getting mad, labeling them an asshole, stupid idiot who cant drive, or any other creative name, you just forgive them and wish they will find a moment to lift their nose from the grindstone and understand what they are doing to themselves. Tomorrow morning, you genuinely wish your coffee barista a great day because there is not a reason in the world it shouldnt be. Tomorrow morning, you smile at the checkstand clerk or gas attendant and thank them sincerely. Because everyone feels honesty, and when someone is honestly noticed they feel their soul flutter and wake up just a little more.



Well..that was unexpected. I just kept typing because the words just kept droping in to my head. I was pondering on one subject and then it turned into a conversation in my head, and then a monologue that wasnt mine. That was pretty cool. I felt the whole message, its urgency and its force, its need tobe delivered and heard.

So…that means… transition is here, put your best foot forward and be the change right now, because the time has come. (Again…not me)


Oki doki then. I think i am going to think about this.

Contemplating at the beach

As I sit here in peace, looking over the ocean waves crashing into the sand, i wonder what possesed  the man to say i can make this better. It truly had to have been some ego, to decide that the outside world needs to be altered. When really, all that  should have been altered is the inner world of the man. Instead of looking out and deciding what needs to change its wiser to look inside and see what needs to change. No matter the alterations to the outer world, the inner world is where the “problem” originated, so without looking at the cause you can only mask the symptoms for so Long.

We hold the power within to make our inner world a beautiful one and then to project it out on to the outer world. When you hold the light within, and share your light simply by living in it, you help those around you find their own light.


Reiki on my 3 year old

My almost 3 year old has suffered from eczema since he was about 1.5 years old. Before then he would get a spot here and there, but last December it wrecked havoc on his gentle skin. The local leading dermatologist prescribed cortisone cream. Under pressure from my parents to get my son to feel better I gave in. The cream did help get rid of the big spots. However the few recurring smaller patches stayed the same and never dissappeared. Last follow up visit the doctor gave us the next strength up creme, because “he had grown used to that strenght”. I’m sorry what???

But as I’m still learning to stand my ground on issues that matter to me. It took me a while to find enough strenght to speak up and say that I disagree. He is going for a follow up appointment tomorrow, and I haven’t put medication on the spots in 4 days now. I did Reiki on the two always present spots. 10-15 minutes after bath time, before bed.

I couldn’t believe my eyes the 2nd day when the spots have started to heal. Its not just that they haven’t gotten worse, but actually have healed. I belive Reiki, feel healing energy at my palms, but to physically witness a healing with your own eyes….that’s something different. The spots that have not healed on their own for 1.5 years. That barely have gotten better with cortisone creams and natural remedies. That left untouched normally start to get very uncomfortable for my son. They are healed.

I’m so humbled and so grateful, so inspired … I’m out of words.

Wednesday I have my first “non family” client. My best friends mom who is fighting lung cancer. I look forward to giving her reiki.


Love and light!

Enjoying joy and how to find it. Feeling emotions and present moment.

I love technology, but hate it at the same time. It is convenient and comfortable, yet it has a giant sideeffect: it takes us out of the present moment. We are not present with all of our senses in the moment where we exist. This minute just went by with you (me, all of us) holding the cell phone in our  hands, walking along with our face buried in it. You aren’t present in your surroundings,you choose to be present in an alternate reality of “phone world of Facebook and instagram”, or choosing to be present in the moment of a life of some stranger like a celebrity that just had a child. You are living someone else’s moments, because you are choosing to not be present within. After a while, this feeling becomes so comfortable that we choose to always be somewhere elese. We check out even in social moments with our loved once by diving into the present (thinking of today’s conversations) or looking ahead (oh I have to do this tomorrow, or I’m dreading that meeting). We ae so used and comfortable being somewhere else that we just change, we become distant, we become annoyed without the access to other reality. We don’t count the present moment. Right here. Right now. Feel yourself present through your body. Take your attention to your feet-what are they doing? Are they comfortable curled up under you like this? Are your legs crossed? Feel them. Feel your behind on the chair or a bed, feel it’s softness or hardness. Feel the muscles in your face, is your forehead crunched up? Right now, take the time to feel your body. Once you are done and are aware look around you. Mentally f eel each item in the room, become aware of its presence. If you have a pet in the room, tap into them-feel their presence, feel their love for you, their joy. Right now,here. Once you are comfrtable with this start doing that with people you love.feel your child’s joy. Feel your child’s sadness. Once you feel you will connect, you will understand them better and what they need from you. Or how you can help them feel and understand their feelings.

More and more you do it, you will see the things that feelgood and things will know when you will benefit from tapping into your present moment. Great tool to improve your daily life. Our society and lifestyle prevents us and our future generations from learning how to just with yourself.our ancestors had plenty of time to be with themselves in the present moment. Their values show us that. We can learn a lot from looking at our ancestors as we people, rather than ancient and not advanced. They were very advanced in the art of self observation. Then something changed.this change came before age of t3chnology, but didn’t affect as many. Once technology became accessible to everyone, we can observe the shift in global consciousness. I think many of us are becoming aware of something being off, but can’t quite identify it.we can’t quite put our fingers on it long enough to remember. Many of us want to wake up, but find it difficult. Truth is, we must learn how to make that change. Our future literally depends on it. We have forgotten what it means to not be a society, what it means to live for ourselves. Not in a selfish manner, but rather we live in cities where the pace of life is insane and we expect ourselves to keep up with it. You remember those peaceful farmers who lived and enjoyed life, until some duke or prince came along and said this is my land now, and you will work for me. But I’m off topic here, I have no political agenda, I just look at the situation from a big picture.

Choose to find the joy in your life. Feel your present moment and remember that all you have is now. Tomorrow is not promised, but don’t be scared of it. Just feel the now. You can pay attention to the scary things in your life or to the good ones. Somehow the good ones always get taken from granted. You don’t benefit from that. Recognize and acknowledge the good in your life. You have a roof over your head? Feel how grateful  you are to be protected from the weather. Instead of “I wish I had 2 bathrooms”. You exist in a reality where thesee two facts are equal in their reality, but you have a choice in what you notice. Which one serves you the most? Certainly not a useless wish. A fact that you are comfortable has more weight in their service to you.

Every detail in your life has the gratitude factor. Find it. Remember it. Feel it often. Tremendous tool in improving your life without physically having to make a change. When you feel grouchy, or frustrated but want to feel better and don’t want to be down: Ackwnoldge your feelings of frustration and sayyes, I feelyou, I respect that you exist, but I can’t dwell on you and wallow in you. I’m going to go wallow in something good because I want to feel better. And go through your gratitude list: appreciate your family members, your friends, your pets, your self, your plants, your house. You are showering not only self with that love, but them also.they will feel it. Howver, I should  clarify that forcing yourself to feel better because “you should” is just wrong. Stay present with your emotion, allow it to feel heard. You will know when you are ready to move on withit. If right now is not the time to feel frustrated (social event, or work) you can say, yes I feel you frustration, and I will give you my time, but right now until 5pm I need to be functional. I am not dismissing you,I’m postponing our encounter. And then do as promised, make time to sit with that feeling, it needs to be processed.


But if you learn how to see gratitude through its truest, honest perception your life will drastically improve. You just have to be prepared for that change and have it be something you are welcoming. There are a great deal of people who say they want a better life, but expect life to change on its own, without them doing anything about it. They expect to be handed something great, while they sit there and pout about what they already have. How can you appreciate something new and good, if you don’t know know how to see something good in what you already have? Teach yourself and then you will just encounter things that bring you joy, because you will know how to see it.


Love and light!