Tarot: Presidential prediction

Let me make this very clear, I have ZERO political agenda, and do not voice MY opinion here, I am simply reading the cards.

I decided to do a tarot card reading on Who is going to win the Presidential election

This is what the cards told me on 10/21/16


I asked the cards to tell me who the winner will be, via Man=Trump; Woman= Clinton, Reversed=Rigged*

I say, Rigged*, but to me that almost implies some sort of a challenge encountered along the way, and the word “rigged” just summarizes it the best. Sabotaged? Challenged?  Perhaps something having to do with an FBI investigation, or a court hearing, or an accusation of some kind.. you get my drift I hope.

First I’d like to say that during my shuffle, the cards performed a landslide escape from my hands. I took that to note that it meant a landslide victory. The cards here are showing 7 of Pentacles with a man in the picture, so therefore this card represents Trump. The Star card depicts a woman, therefore Clinton. This card is also reversed indicating a “rigged” situation somehow. The 5 of Wands is a card of conflict.. So overall what I received from this reading was that Trump wins the election in a landslide, as Hillary is surrounded in a challenged/compromised situation, which she subsequently challenges and thus, disputes the results of the election.

Now, let me explain that Tarot does not predict the future, as in “forever, inevitable future”. This was simply a “snap shot” of the most likely future outcome to the question during the time that I drew the cards on 10/21.

I have decided to do a follow up reading today 11/4- asking for the same scenario- of Woman=Clinton, Man=Trump, Reversed=Rigged*.

So here are today’s cards:

Presidential 11.4.16.jpg

Here I’m seeing that (Temperance) Clinton is being so compromised that she walks away/or she is being forced to walk away from the nomination (8 of cups); leaving Trump (Page of Cups) the winner yet again. Or that she is putting pressure on Trump to walk away. And he refused: the cup with a fish in it and the smug look on the Page’s face totally give me the feel of “no freaking way, I’m embracing it”. Would anyone care for a reading on the dynamics between Clinton and Trump? lol

Also, Page energy is all about young and inexperienced, which describes Trump in his novice undertaking of politics.  Also, I’d like to note that the 2 Minor Arcana cards are Cups – which is a suit of emotion. Temperance is also handling cups- so emotions are extremely high. This comes through very strongly as all 3 cards in a 3 card reading show cups.  Temperance is a Major Arcana card, and  in its simplest summary implies “balance, or knowledge when the push forward or to step back”. So as additional commentary on this reading I’d like to add that this is a highly emotional time for both candidates, and there is huge pressure on Clinton to step back.

Overall, I find it extremely fascinating 🙂 Again, no political agenda from me, just a simple tarot reading for fun.

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