Tough transitions

Sometimes in life we have to make calls that aren’t easy for us or for those who are affected by them. Its not easy to make a stand for something you whole-heartedly believe it, and understand that making the tough decision is ultimately in your best interested and in that person’s best interest. That decision is tough because the first and immediate reaction is pain, hurt, stress and separation. The positive intention behind that action is the catalyst for change. It is with the hope that the intention will come to the forth front and shine in all its might, and will make that pain and stress disappear in time. In many cases people get stuck in the “hurt, pain” phase and never make it through to the positive intention; and that is the most painful to see.

We had to let a very good employee go. He has a world of potential in him, but he has some serious growing up to do for now, and during that time he has to be without us tying him down. Some transitions can’t take place while some enabling cords are attached. It’s literally a visual of unplugging the safety cord and seeing if the person flies or fails. It’s terrifying when you find yourself in the position of the one who has to cut the cord, or when you have your cord cut. My heart is literally aching for this guy. I hope he finds his path, finds his way, because if he does – beautiful things will happen in his life. I see it for him, my husband sees it for him.. but he himself is blinded. How terrifying it must be, and how painful it must be to be in the dark place, to have the cord cut..and to not believe that you can fly. Truly sending him the best energies possible to open his eyes and spread his wings.

This was a first for us to have to be put in the position to cut the cord. Knowing from our perspective that it’s the best possible resolution to problem, that it will serve him the highest good if he takes the opportunity to see it as such himself, but also knowing that by making this decision we are putting him in a place where he absolutely must take responsibility for himself. Even knowing that, its hard not to feel some responsibility for whatever may happen next.

From the perspective of “outside looking in” its not that difficult to identify the patterns that emerge in someone else’s life. Self sabotage is a difficult issue to work through as long as one remains unaware that this is indeed is what’s happening. Beginning to do that kind of work is a huge undertaking even for someone who is ready to face their own demons. For situations where life tells you its time to get your stuff together, but you haven’t mentally prepared for it.. its even tougher. Its like watching someone in the water, knowing they have to swim to shore on their own, but fighting every urge to throw them a life vest… its unnatural, but ultimately allows that person to get a grip …or sink. ¬†ūüė¶

The other difficult part is knowing that I can help this person talk through some stuff, help them see things for themselves and get them started on some of their shadow work… but also knowing that offering my help is going to be yet another crutch, and if that person knows what they need to make their life better they will find someone on their own, or they will learn how to work through this stuff on their own.

On that note, love and light to you during this Mercury in Retrograde!


Reiki on my 3 year old

My almost 3 year old has suffered from eczema since he was about 1.5 years old. Before then he would get a spot here and there, but last December it wrecked havoc on his gentle skin. The local leading dermatologist prescribed cortisone cream. Under pressure from my parents to get my son to feel better I gave in. The cream did help get rid of the big spots. However the few recurring smaller patches stayed the same and never dissappeared. Last follow up visit the doctor gave us the next strength up creme, because “he had grown used to that strenght”. I’m sorry what???

But as I’m still learning to stand my ground on issues that matter to me. It took me a while to find enough strenght to speak up and say that I disagree. He is going for a follow up appointment tomorrow, and I haven’t put medication on the spots in 4 days now. I did Reiki on the two always present spots. 10-15 minutes after bath time, before bed.

I couldn’t believe my eyes the 2nd day when the spots have started to heal. Its not just that they haven’t gotten worse, but actually have healed. I belive Reiki, feel healing energy at my palms, but to physically witness a healing with your own eyes….that’s something different. The spots that have not healed on their own for 1.5 years. That barely have gotten better with cortisone creams and natural remedies. That left untouched normally start to get very uncomfortable for my son. They are healed.

I’m so humbled and so grateful, so inspired … I’m out of words.

Wednesday I have my first “non family” client. My best friends mom who is fighting lung cancer. I look forward to giving her reiki.


Love and light!

Enjoying joy and how to find it. Feeling emotions and present moment.

I love technology, but hate it at the same time. It is convenient and comfortable, yet it has a giant sideeffect: it takes us out of the present moment. We are not present with all of our senses in the moment where we exist. This minute just went by with you (me, all of us) holding the cell phone in our ¬†hands, walking along with our face buried in it. You aren’t present in your surroundings,you choose to be present in an alternate reality of “phone world of Facebook and instagram”, or choosing to be present in the moment of a life of some stranger like a celebrity that just had a child. You are living someone else’s moments, because you are choosing to not be present within. After a while, this feeling becomes so comfortable that we choose to always be somewhere elese. We check out even in social moments with our loved once by diving into the present (thinking of today’s conversations) or looking ahead (oh I have to do this tomorrow, or I’m dreading that meeting). We ae so used and comfortable being somewhere else that we just change, we become distant, we become annoyed without the access to other reality. We don’t count the present moment. Right here. Right now. Feel yourself present through your body. Take your attention to your feet-what are they doing? Are they comfortable curled up under you like this? Are your legs crossed? Feel them. Feel your behind on the chair or a bed, feel it’s softness or hardness. Feel the muscles in your face, is your forehead crunched up? Right now, take the time to feel your body. Once you are done and are aware look around you. Mentally f eel each item in the room, become aware of its presence. If you have a pet in the room, tap into them-feel their presence, feel their love for you, their joy. Right now,here. Once you are comfrtable with this start doing that with people you love.feel your child’s joy. Feel your child’s sadness. Once you feel you will connect, you will understand them better and what they need from you. Or how you can help them feel and understand their feelings.

More and more you do it, you will see the things that feelgood and things will know when you will benefit from tapping into your present moment. Great tool to improve your daily life. Our society and lifestyle prevents us and our future generations from learning how to just with yourself.our ancestors had plenty of time to be with themselves in the present moment. Their values show us that. We can learn a lot from looking at our ancestors as we people, rather than ancient and not advanced. They were very advanced in the art of self observation. Then something changed.this change came before age of t3chnology, but didn’t affect as many. Once technology became accessible to everyone, we can observe the shift in global consciousness. I think many of us are becoming aware of something being off, but can’t quite identify it.we can’t quite put our fingers on it long enough to remember. Many of us want to wake up, but find it difficult. Truth is, we must learn how to make that change. Our future literally depends on it. We have forgotten what it means to not be a society, what it means to live for ourselves. Not in a selfish manner, but rather we live in cities where the pace of life is insane and we expect ourselves to keep up with it. You remember those peaceful farmers who lived and enjoyed life, until some duke or prince came along and said this is my land now, and you will work for me. But I’m off topic here, I have no political agenda, I just look at the situation from a big picture.

Choose to find the joy in your life. Feel your present moment and remember that all you have is now. Tomorrow is not promised, but don’t be scared of it. Just feel the now. You can pay attention to the scary things in your life or to the good ones. Somehow the good ones always get taken from granted. You don’t benefit from that. Recognize and acknowledge the good in your life. You have a roof over your head? Feel how grateful ¬†you are to be protected from the weather. Instead of “I wish I had 2 bathrooms”. You exist in a reality where thesee two facts are equal in their reality, but you have a choice in what you notice. Which one serves you the most? Certainly not a useless wish. A fact that you are comfortable has more weight in their service to you.

Every detail in your life has the gratitude factor. Find it. Remember it. Feel it often. Tremendous tool in improving your life without physically having to make a change. When you feel grouchy, or frustrated but want to feel better and don’t want to be down: Ackwnoldge your feelings of frustration and sayyes, I feelyou, I respect that you exist, but I can’t dwell on you and wallow in you. I’m going to go wallow in something good because I want to feel better. And go through your gratitude list: appreciate your family members, your friends, your pets, your self, your plants, your house. You are showering not only self with that love, but them also.they will feel it. Howver, I should ¬†clarify that forcing yourself to feel better because “you should” is just wrong. Stay present with your emotion, allow it to feel heard. You will know when you are ready to move on withit. If right now is not the time to feel frustrated (social event, or work) you can say, yes I feel you frustration, and I will give you my time, but right now until 5pm I need to be functional. I am not dismissing you,I’m postponing our encounter. And then do as promised, make time to sit with that feeling, it needs to be processed.


But if you learn how to see gratitude through its truest, honest perception your life will drastically improve. You just have to be prepared for that change and have it be something you are welcoming. There are a great deal of people who say they want a better life, but expect life to change on its own, without them doing anything about it. They expect to be handed something great, while they sit there and pout about what they already have. How can you appreciate something new and good, if you don’t know know how to see something good in what you already have? Teach yourself and then you will just encounter things that bring you joy, because you will know how to see it.


Love and light!

Being your own teacher

Have you ever paused to think about the miracles of details that had to happen for you to be where you are? Not just the big picture, but the smaller details.

Have you ever had someone say something to you at just the perfect time? Had it been yestrrday, you would not have fully understood the true meaning of it and wouldn’t have acquired the importance that you did today. Think about the fact that every word, every encounter has the potential to have that meaning to uou, if you choose to start paying would be able to tap into something and see the lessons and purpose behind it all. Tremendous amounts of wisdom, your life lesson, your connections, your mistakes, your wins, everything. Literally everything in your life. There is no judgement, that’s the key to staying sane and objective. Otherwise you could venture on a completely wrong path of selfhate. Stay objective in your observations, see behind them the true value of the word why, not the “well because I made a bad decision, because that’s what I do when I dont think it through. Or because I’m stupid”. Just stop yourself when you get to that point in your observation and think of the true purpose of your observations.

I feel like that is what they mean when they say “look inside yourself, search for the answer within”.

You yourself can be your best teacher. If you choose to start paying attention. You can identify your own triggers, your own weak spots, without judgement but simply because they are. You can change anything about yourself. You can improve yourself and be the best ¬†version of yourself you can be. I feel like this would be the best answer to those struggling with addictions, who want to actively be free of them, but can’t quite figure out how. Being able to put your finger on that exact moment of when you are about to make the choice you will regret, and say “wait a minute, this is what I do that causes me to stay on the same path that I no longer want to be on”, and Just in that moment to say “no, I am in charge of my path, I make a choice today and right now to not go back on that path” and consciously choose to walk away from the situation that is getting to to stray.

I get asked sometimes how did I manage to quit smoking so seemingly easily? Just up and done,that’s it. I’ve gone back once to smoking, I gave myself permission to use it as a crutch through a difficult part in my life, fully knowing that this is all it is, an available tool go help me get through it and that I’d only enjoy it for about a month and then quit again. And I did, when I said to myself I would. No regrets, no sadness,no struggle.

Sometimes I’ll catch myself enjoying a wif of a cigarette, and then remind myself how much I actually hate it (new habit: to find the smoke repulsive). And boom I remember.

To me it’s about visualizing the goal :

Part one: myself without habit of smoking. So I see myself in all the situations and scenarios where I’d normally smoke, but I see myself comfortable and not smoking. That would be driving, after a meal,before bed, on a break..etc


Part two: I replay that scenario in my head enough times to feel it through my bones,prepare myself for how it is going to feel to be comfortable with this decision. And then just act. Wake up one morning and say today is the day, and I am excited to begin this chapter of my life. I discard the feelings on doubt, how it’s gonna suck-they simply are not the thoughts that I choose to focus on, shortly they even cease to exist.

I’ve used this technique in many situations in my life. I find joy and pride in the strength of will power that lives in me. And I’m great full to have discovered the access to it.

I know many people feel they can do things, but they lack preparedness tools, and don’t quite know how to find them. But once they do, the world is their oyster.there isn’t anything they can’t do. You are your own best teacher, just be still enough to learn and peer in your heart.


Love and light!

When someone says “I’ll pray for you”

Before my spirituality woke up, I got to be the most skeptic and annoyed person when it came to anything religious. I felt like people were pushing it down my throat, when in reality it wasn’t so. Someone just had to mention the words church, god, pray and I immediately when on defence mode. I never questioned myself about it.

Someone would say “you are in my prayers”, and to myself I’d think “uha..yeah..okay..whatever”. Why?? These people were giving me positive energy and I blatantly was too good for it, so I let it slide by. Now someone says those words and I heartfully say thank you and make it a point that evening to spend sometime just receiving the good energy that is being sent my way. Feel the love so to say. Opening yourself up, deliberately to the good is a great practice that immediately makes a positive difference in your life.

You just slow down and bask in all the positive, wishes, thoughts and love that just exists there for you, to tap into, whenever you need it. It is there for every human being, there is always someone who thought of you, wished you well..even if you are homeless and without a family.

This was a profound practice to me personally, feeling the warmth over my soul was calming and reassuring.


Love and light!

Healing dreams

I am starting to feel more whole, like I am home, like I Found what i had been looking for, but now I’m just working on actually getting to it.

Energy healing- just those words make my palms heat up and prickle with needles, they make me feel energy currents running through my body and radiating out from bottoms of my feet and palms of my hands. That feeling brings me such joy! I feel with my heart the entire beautiful energy.. and I think, I KNOW I can help people. I am EXCITED to help people. I am GLAD to help people. Allow me to put my hands on you.. let me try! I want to practice, I want to learn more about my gift.

I finally got over my shyness about this, and made a website

I ordered some business cards. I feel confident enough in myself to get to it! I’m starting with my family members and close friends right now, and I am really looking forward to getting my hands on someone other than my husband.

I had yet another dream last night, where I felt and saw that I got another “wind” of healing energy, it was almost like an upgrade.

My first dream happened a couple of months ago, and it was so profound that I decided to sign up for that REiki workshop. In that dream I actually got to FEEL my hands heat up and prickle with energy, and I healed a lot of people. There was a big room full of people waiting, and my hands were hot and prickly.. and I woke up with that feeling my hands. And it has not gone away since. It dissapears when I ‘m doing something completely detached like folding laundry. But the second I think about it, it comes rushing full force.

Yesterday’s dream was another one when I could feel that energy in my hands, and I was shown that the energy can be used for other things like moving objects. Obviously, I can’t do that. But I did feel like that dream was significant and I did receive some “upgrade” to the frequency that I function with. I also dreamt of a interesting cloud formation, that sent down smaller clouds and they were full of electricity and water. I touched one, as it was right above my head, and it buzzed me. It was interesting.

I LOVE dreams like these ones. I love waking up to my hands completely in “on” mode- energy coming out full blast.

So excited to see where this road will lead me!

Love and light!

Reiki and Energy Work

It’s been a while since I’ve written in the blog. But I have been keeping a journal instead- much easier to keep sometimes.

I received my Reiki attunment a few weeks ago, it was so wonderfully relaxing and liberating. I can feel my palms heat up and prickle whenever I’m around someone who needs some good energy- it’s crazy. Just yesterday I was consciously paying attention to how my energy goes, and I just was aware of how much I just let it go and do its own thing. But yesterday I set an intention to keep my energy close, and not give it away to anyone without my permission. WOW! my dynamic with the person changed (she is an unconscious energy vampire- very sweet gal, and I enjoy her company, just always feel drained after). Well, this time I didn’t feel drained one bit!

I’m discovering so much, it’s so hear warming.

Reiki often wakes up an innate gift, as the higher frequency energy of reiki serves as a catalyst in otherwise stable flow of regular frequencies. This Reiki frequency enters your body, stirs up some other energies that can’t otherwise be awoken.. I can honestly say that something else in me is waking up, and I’m so eager to explore it. I love the visuals that come with practicing Reiki. I ask Reiki to show me how its working and I get beautiful snap visions of what’s happening and a knowing of what is going on in the person’s body.

There are so many layers and systems to our body, it would neglectful to assume just because we can’t see something that it isn’t there. We are skin and bones, we are flesh and blood, we have muscles and fat, we have systems that make our body function: lymphatic, caridovascular etc But something underneath it all, makes it all tick and click. What is it? We are energy. All of us. Every live being – animals, bugs, microbes, trees- we are all energy. So energy work makes sense- powered by intention and desire to help, it is only a benefit. There are schools that teach- and I’m definitely up for learning the techniques, but I think a lot of the knowledge just comes from doing and your own inner knowing. I’m blessed and lucky to say that this gift of healing runs in my family. My great great grandmother and my grandfather’s sister – were healers, each in their own way. I find it fascinating, and wish I had better access to that history. I’m truly greatful that I feel that energy coming to life in me.

I have a couple of family members that volunteered to let me practice Reiki on them, I finally scheduled their appointments. Practicing just on my husband is great, but I need to feel other people’s energy.

I’m genuinely happy with where I am in my life today. I just turned 30 on a beautiful full moon in July, and I feel like I walked in through the gates of life. I’m standing at the top of the hill, looking down in to the beautiful valley of love, happiness and abundance- that’s how my 30s feel to me. What can be better?… I’m humbled, greatful, and happy and loved. All I can do is share my love and light- energy healing and energy therapy feels right to me as the path to do this. I’m excited to see where this path leads.


Love and light!