Tarot message

When you get a tarot message  you had no idea was coming, when it is so truly astonishing that you just don’t know how to approach it…. I know not everything tarot says is accurate, the cards only show what they know, we are the masters of our own reality… but even in that light things come that are so profoundly shocking, that it’s impossible not to be taken aback…


I asked for a message that humanity needs to hear now

My immediate card was 3 of swords (image of a pierced heart by 3 swords). The card was crying tears of heartbroken people, three swords stabbed through the heart that represents humanity. We are a match for worldwar 3.

Clear scene being played. Heartbreak, pain, disaster, that leaves behind it enough people to understand where they went wrong as humanity, where we failed.

I was so shaken by how clear and profound it was. I had to snap myself out of it and ask if there is still a chance.

Imediately 3 cards fell out: knight of swords, five of penacles, queen of pentacles.

Knight of swords was the spirit of Joanne of arc, aka lightworkers. Call for action to be the change we want to see in the world, kindness, compassion, start living it today, in the now. Start being kind. This is the call to action.

Five of pentacles was two poor people passing by a church, the scene played out that they walked in the church were given warmth, food and kindness. Practice kindness to everyone. Love, acceptance, compassion is your nature, use it.

Queen of pentacles…gazing into the reflection through the pentacle or looking all around her as the world truly is. Don’t be clouded by money, don’t see the world through a greedy reflection, be kinder, share, abundance is all around you. In light of the shooting in Orlando, see the helpers, see the ones that came to support…not the shooter or the victims families pain. Focus on love, support, kindess,compassion of those who are there.

So overall message was be the change you want to see in the world, you may not change the world, but ou will change someone’s world, and they will in turn do the same..make your influence a positive one. Change starts with you. Our chance is still here but growing smaller everyday. Share your kindness with everyone, share the best you can, small gestures, just start, be a little more patient with everyone and yourself. But start right now. There is no time to lose. We are very close to the brink. If love is not our catalyst for change, world war 3 will be.

There is so much more in there in small details, but I can’t fathom pouring it all out in consequtive and comprehensive manner.


Love and light.


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The person I want to be and why I’m not that person

I have entirely way too many interests, which actually is quite a change from where I was a year or two ago. I had no hobbies, I had nothing I did for myself because I didn’t know how to do that. There were many many things that interested me as a child, then I got a job that I absolutely loved and all other interests fell off my radar, one by one.

All the things I was fascinated with as a child, are coming back to me. I am truly enjoying it, but I also feel like I’m overwhelmed and I can’t pick just one or two. I love doing yoga, but obviously because it costs money (I love the studio I go to), and takes time away from home, I can’t do it as often as I’d like. Doing yoga at home? No way. My floor isn’t comfy, I get distracted, there is no one to correct me. Would I like to see myself overcome these challenges and be a person who does yoga at home? Oh yes! Am I going to work on it? No. Too much effort right now.

I started reading tarot, but can’t seem to find a place in my house for it. It takes ambiance to get into that frame of mind. I think I need to rework my home office so it’s a better functioning space. That’s a project all of its own.

My hobbies come with books, I love love love books! I don’t have a place to keep them. 😦 that actually makes me very sad. I bet ikea would have a book shelf I could be happy with..I need to check it out.

I love photography, have a great camera but can’t seem to understand how to make it work.

I want to take classes, so that someone can teach me how to use it…but again money and time commitment. I guess the underlying issue under all of these, I don’t know how to teach myself. I suppose it starts with making a time commitment to a hobby of my choice. I know that probably sounds easy to come to that conclusion….but I can never seem to single out the time to make that commitment to myself. How? I always tell my 12 year old step son, you have to learn how to hold yourself accountable. … I thought I knew what that meant, and I suppose in daily tasks of everyday life I function (laundry, house  cleaning etc). But in time comitments to myself…Somehow I grew up with the mentality that time for myself is a luxury and if I’m doing something for myself, I must have forgotten to do something else. Why aren’t we taught that time for yourself, doing things you love, is extremely important. You always hear people say it, but how often do you actually see someone practice it? See, I couldn’t even commit myself to a blog.

I have a commitment issue with time…there. that’s the culprit. So to learn that commitment I need a hourly calendar…..and I can’t go overboard. Yes. My awful side of a perfectionist is screaming that I must account for every second of my day…really that’s not important, as long as I just focus on the time slot that needs to have a commitment for myself.

So if I write out my weeks and pretend I go to college to certain classes on certain days, I can fit it my yoga, some time for tarot, some time for photography… hmmmm….talking myself through an issue seems to be very productive.

I’m walking away from today’s blog content with what I discovered through just typing what comes t my mind.

Love and light!